For the duration of school closures, we will continue to offer reduced prices on some of our resources as follows:

Our KS2 PDF  full  Maths Homework packs have been discounted from £130 to just £75. 

[We've also made the PDFs for individual yeargroups available either as a FULL SCHOOL USE purchase, or a PARENT (SINGLE PUPIL USE) purchase, with the parent purchase being greatly discounted (just £4 or £3.50 per person) to reflect that it's for one pupil only to use].

These will actually provide maths homework for an entire school year, but hopefully the price reduction will allow more schools to access them now if they would like them.

Also we have reduced our KS2 Maths Topics powerpoints from £240 to just £89, and our KS4 Maths Topics Powerpoints from £399 to just £99.


We very much hope that these discounts will help schools and parents at this difficult time.

You may also wish to consider these items at the greatly reduced prices to use when your schools return to normal operation.


We've recently released some fantastic MATHS ESCAPE ROOM Resources.


Good news regarding payments:  You can use a debit/credit card to pay online, even if you don't have paypal.

Do so this simply choose the Paypal Option, and you will be able to use your card as a PAYPAL GUEST.

Schools can also request an invoice for orders over £12.

When you order resources online, they are downloadable from the website.

Please check the link, "Accessing Downloads" (above) to see how to do this.

You should also receive a download link via e-mail if you have paid online.

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